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Achieve soft and fluffy laundry without the use of dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Dry clothes faster and reduce the need for ironing with these organic wool balls. Our cost-effective, reusable balls are hypoallergenic, providing a safe and healthy alternative to single-use dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Use with our POWDERED LAUNDRY SODA.

Simply place a few dryer balls in the dryer along with a small load of laundry. Use more balls for larger loads. The balls then bounce around in the dryer, helping to lift and separate your clothes while they dry. This improved circulation boosts drying efficiency and keeps laundry soft and fluffy as it dries.

Wool dryer balls dry clothes up to 25% faster, while minimizing static cling and wrinkles. Shortened drying times also reduce the wear and tear that can be caused by frequent drying, allowing your clothes to last longer.

If you enjoy the smell of scented laundry, apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto each dryer ball. Let the oil dry in the ball for about an hour before use (or quick-dry in the dryer) before tossing them in with your laundry. 

2 Dryer Balls per pack

Dimensions: 7.5 cm

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