Hohm and Co. proudly introduces a new Canadian-made small business to our boutique... Join us in taking a leap toward a chemical-free lifestyle with Mint ✨

     Monika and Robyn, the dynamic duo behind Mint Cleaning in Ucluelet, BC. Friends turned business partners, they transformed their cleaning company into an overnight success. Fueled by their desire for safer alternatives, they developed a line of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products featured in People, Chatelaine, and The Jilly Box. Handmade in small batches with top-quality ingredients, Mint cleaning products deliver effectiveness and environmental responsibility, making your cleaning routine enjoyable and safe.

     As seen in the Spring 2022 Jilly Box, this is the product that started it all for Robyn and Monika. Use this cleaning scrub as a tough cleaning formula for all around your house. Can be used on stove tops, sinks, tubs, toilets, stainless steel, counters, window sills, floors, etc. Retails $21

    Great for eliminating odours on carpets, couches, mattresses, sinks, garbage bins etc. Infused with mint and citrus Essential Oils. Retails $15

     Mint Floor Wash is a concentrated formula that is tough on dirt and odours and leaves a lasting streak free shine. Made with 100% all natural plant based ingredients that is safe to use on all floor types. Scented with pure organic Essential Oils of Rosemary, Mint and Orange that will leave your entire room smelling fresh and clean. Retail $16

     In addition to these products, our collection will include many others that we cannot wait to share with you. Mint offers great cleaning checklists on their website including "weekly" and "spring cleaning" for your convenience. We hope you love Mint as we do!

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